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We got traditional hotel F&B out of our system a long time ago. However, we understand the unique challenges in hotels with which most independent restaurateurs struggle. Our services include creating new signature restaurants, improving profitability of existing operations, and re-concepting underperforming spaces.

Hotel restaurants should be “living rooms” for the local community. Strong emotional connections with locals improves the entire property’s popularity, revenue and profitability.

For hotel properties with limited F&B revenues, we offer a variety of subscription-based branded concepts. These “plug & play” concepts are designed to be easily implemented with modest budgets, high degrees of flexibility and ongoing support.

There are times when third-party restaurant leases with local chefs and restaurateurs are advantageous for particular hotels. In these cases, we assist in negotiating operating terms of the lease, as well as train the restaurateur on hotel services that are both unique and required by the property.

Our experience in the restaurant industry is extensive. Whether it’s casual or fine dining, we manage with best-in-class performance in both freestanding and hotel locations

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